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WiController Free License Anouncement
Views£º2470 Release date£º5/6/2015
Dear all customers

In order to provide a better quality of wireless network management, Wisnetworks now official announce that,

The 64-AP permanent license is now free to offer to all end users / customers!

Just provide us the product model , SN , purchase date, we'll then send you license by email through our support team. The application should be like this (mandatory 1 product info is required)

Contact Person: Jack
Contact email: info@wisnetworks.com
Product Model : WIS-Q5300
Serial No. : 53000B14010099
Purchase date: 2014/10/11

Send email to support@wisnetworks.com, or simply reply the post in the community, you'll get free license immediately!

Wisnetworks Support Team
7th, May