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Compared UBNT LiteBeam M5 with WIS-G5230
Views£º2829 Release date£º11/12/2015 4:29:17 PM
This test purpose is to test performance of WIS-G5230 and LiteBeam M5 within 7.4km distance. Then we can make a comparison. It is testing between resident building roof of Hangzhou and the river side. The test models are WIS-L5819S, WIS-G5230 and LiteBeam M5.

The high point of unit1 is the 18-floor building top. The device is WIS-L5819S.

The unit2 place is near the Qiantang River, as shown in the Figure. Device is G5230 and LiteBeam M5.

The distance in map is 7.37km for two places, blue site is unit1 as the main base station, pink site is unit2 as the station. The radio WIS-L5819S Tx power adjust to 27dBm and adjust distance to 10km. The test tools is IXchariot 6.7.

The results are WIS-G5230: RSSI:34dB, Rx Power: -60dBm, Station->AP thoughut put: 62Mbps, AP->Station thought put: 82Mbps. LiteBeam M5: Rx Power: -61dBm, Station->AP thoughut put: 57Mbps, AP->Station thought put: 60Mbps. The two products are the same at signal strength level. WIS-G5230 is better performance than LiteBeam M5.

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