Partner Application

Partnership is an important component of Wisnetworks business and service since the beginning of our company. In the future, Wisnetworks will establish the world-wide channel network with three dimensions from industries, regions, products. We¡¯ll provide business management, marketing, sales, supply chain management, relationship management, and technical support to all levels of partners. With our business policies and opportunities we hope to achieve customers, channels, manufacturers sharing the benefits and growing together.


Win-Win situation

Using the channel as a platform for the integration of customer resources and Wisnetworks product advantages, the co-development business, to achieve win-win situation.


Developing professional channels of communication, the distributors and partners can enjoy different levels of specific and professional services.


Through business integration, product integration, management integration, give full play to all levels of partners to form a full range of complementary services and sales network coverage.


Market support

Providing marketing materials and privilege policies to help partners quickly develop the local market.

Team building

Providing systematic sales and technical training, to create a professional technical and sales team.

Technical support

Wisnetworks is dedicated to professional and technical services with quick one-stop solution to your problems and feature requirement.

High-value return

Providing comprehensive solutions for our customer¡¯s business requirement, while pushing the growth of the channel profits and sales promotion.

Service System

In order to improve customer satisfaction and experiences, Wisnetworks launched the "WISNETWORKS 4S" service concept including Service in Time, Service online, Service in Check, Service in update. On the basis of this concept, Wisnetworks established full service chain for partners by the early consulting, design and implementation of the system testing maintenance, customer training and then to the last system operation and maintenance, thus providing fast, professional service experience.

How to become a distributor/partner