Become a Distributor


Technical SupportMarketing  Support

Powerful technical support

responsible pre/after technical support team behind you

Market expansion

provide the guidelines for your marketing activities

Powerful technical support

responsible pre/after technical support team behind you

Market material

provide you unlimited marketing materials (poster/flyer/newsletter/brochure etc.) 

Excellent RMA policy

2-year warranty including free electronics components and documents

Online marketing 

provide advertising  support on multiple online channels (facebook/google ad etc.)

Rural&remote area support 

possess rich experience in poor condition around the worldwide

Success stories

share our success stories regularly by facebook/website



Full product line

rich products to support different industries

Superior in quality

undisputed hardware and software quality among users(all products comply with ISO9001/ISO14001/RoHS and own CE/FCC and othercertification reports) 

Complete functions

unlimited customization if the function is necessary for usage

Autonomic cloud platform

flexible adaptation to various customer needs


easy-to-use both in devices configuration and operation interface

Selected design

simple and elegant product appearance to transfer our brand image


PriceR & D

Competitive distributor price

our price is averagely lower than UBNT by 20%~40%

Excellent R&D team 

core team members almost come from H3C/ZTE/HUAWEI and 80 engineers focus on testing 

Regional protection

strict sales region policy (like eradication of transshipment/

vicious competition) to ensure the interests of distributors

Great hardware provider 

closely cooperation with Atheros and Mediatek

Flexible bargain

favorable price for start-up and good sales distributors

Patents possession  

has the ownership of various crucial patents

Portfolio sales 

provide different products combination sales to avoid overstock

| Abundant R&D expense 

millions of dollars to make sure the progress of research

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