Product Overview

WIS-SF810P adapts standard 802.3at/802.3af power supply protocols , compatible with IEEE802.3af/IEEE802.3at.

CCTV/VLAN/Default optional by sliding a simply switch on the front panel to meet different scene request.   


Over Voltage Protection

What will happen if you improperly plug the 48V power to a 24V access point? WIS-SF810P can detect the right 

input voltage of currently connecting device. If a wrong PoE device detected, it automatically shuts down the related PoE port.     


Lightning protection

In outdoor networking application, the wireless AP or camera is often installed in a higher position, increasing 

the risk of lightning strike and network paralysis.WIS-SF810P is designed with professional port lightning protection, 

which can provide stable and reliable power supply to devices and ensure the normal use of the network. 


Ultra Long Power Supply Distance

WIS-SF810P supports 100 m distance (the actual distance depends on the wire loss) stable power 

supply as well as the switch multistage connection, It is able to expand the power supply 

distance flexibly to get rid of the trouble of electricity for device remote devices.   


Hardware VLAN Feature

Turning on the VLAN switch on the front panel will isolate the data transmission of port 1~8, 

similar to client isolation feature in wireless access point. All those port can only pass the data to port 

9/10 / uplink port, thus keeping a secure network and avoiding network broadcast storm.