Product  Overview

WIS-S1200AX is a robust outdoor wireless base station featuring 802.11ax technology for

high end wireless coverage and point to point connections. Featuring 11 ax high power

wireless technology, the WIS-S1200AX is ideal for WISP optimizing their network with both

backhaul and coverage ability by using together with Wisnetworks antennas.

Extremely High Speed Connectivity

● Ultra-Fast Wi-Fi 6 Speeds

● 4x speed than 802.11 n devices

● Wireless Speed up to 1201Mbps

● Gigabit LAN port


Amazing Outdoor Performanc

● 10km+ availability backhaul

● Up to 26dBm tx power


● Fully work with WIS antenna



● Qualcomm chip

● 512MB DDR

● 32MB Flash

● 24V Gigabit poe


Features and Benefifits

4× increased capacity to connect more devices simultaneously.

Compliant with 802.11ax/ac/n/a, speed up to 1201Mbps

Gigabit LAN port helps get maximum wireless performance

High output transmission power and receive sensitivity optimized

24V Passive PoE for convenient deployment and installation.


Robust Lightning Protection

In order to reduce the WISP maintenance cost, we integrate 8kV Ethernet lighting protection module into the WIS-S800AC. 

This feature along with high durable temperature range and IP65 housing make it far more robust working in outdoor environment.


New WisOS with NMS Support

The new fresh WisOS web interface makes the software much easier to operate and more detail info to monitor. 

WiD TDMA, spectrum analyzer and more WisOS feature helps the WISP build a better wireless network. The WiController NMS central 

management helps greatly reduce the cost of the device monitoring and maintaince.

  Base Station Series








 Tx Power26dBm26dBm30dBm