Product Overview

The WIS-S4500AX is a 4X4 MU-MIMO access point,MU-MIMO in the downlink doubles the 

sector capacity by serving two MIMO users at the same time.With the efficient 

WIS Networks MAC protocol and advanced air-fairness scheduler up to 128 simultaneously 

active subscriber modules can be served without performance degradation.

Extremely High Speed Connectivity

●  Ultra-Fast Wi-Fi 6 Speeds

●  5x speed than 802.11ac devices 

●  Wireless Speed up to 4804Mbps

●  2.5Gigabit LAN port


Amazing Outdoor Performanc

●  5km+ availability backhaul

●  Up to 30dBm tx power

●  4x4 MU-MIMO 

●  Fully work with WIS antenna



●  Qualcomm chip

●  512MB DDR

●  128MB NAND Flash 

●  48V Gigabit poe