Product Overview

WIS-D525AX is a 1201Mbps 2*2 MIMO Hi-Power outdoor wireless dish bridge based on 802.11ax technology. 

It is industry die-cast IP65 design with high performance, cost-effective and dedicated to long distance wireless network solutions. 

Featuring the revolutionary Mu-Mimo technology, WIS-D525AX is fully compatible with Wisnetworks base station and 

CPE thus greatly improving the network scalability in throughput and latency. With 25dBi dual-polarized dish antenna, 

a pair of WIS-D525AX can easily build 10km+ long range wireless connection and keep a high speed rate. 

WIS-D525AX is best applied to rural wireless Internet, wireless backhaul and other industrial wireless solutions.

Incredible Long Range
●  Up to 27dBm Tx Power 
●  25dBi MIMO Dish antenna 
●  Wireless Speed up to

●  Narrower Beamwidth for noise immunity


Wireless Solutions for Surveillance

●  Cost-effective passive PoE 
●  IP65 Waterproof 
●  Multiple mounting methods 
●  Extremely Amazing Performance


Full Feature & Performance

●  Full WisOS TDMA Support 
●  Auto-Distance Adjust 
●  10km+ Availability 
●  Fully Managed by WiController


Features and Benefifits

25dBi dish antenna to build robust wireless PtP link

Compliant with 802.11acx Wireless speed up to 1201Mbps

Wireless Solutions for Surveillance

5 kilometers throughput 300Mbps+

160/80/40/20MHz selectable for channel bandwidth

Easy deployment and adjustment with provided mounting kits

Passive POE(24VDC) for flflexible deployment

Weather-proof design for outdoor environment  

Up to16kV ESD protection