Product overiew

WIS-L700AC is a robust outdoor wireless base station featuring 802.11ac technology for high end wireless coverage. Featuring 11ac technology, 

the WIS-L700AC is ideal for WISP optimizing their network with both backhaul and coverage ability by using together with Wisnetworks antennas.  


Extremely Amazing Performance

The integrated 2*2 MIMO technology for 300Mbps 2.4GHz and 867Mbps 5GHz makes it 4x speed than legacy 802.11n standard. 

The tx power is boosted up to 30dBm for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz.  


More possibility with Dual-Band outdoor

Featuring dual band connectivity, the ISP can either use it with a backhaul + base station or simply 

a dual-band base station providing access for 2.4GHz and 5GHz clients. 


Up to 150 online concurrent clients

The high speed 720MHz Atheros CPU and 128MB DDR, the WIS-L713AC is capable for handling up 150 concurrent wireless client including 

CPE/ cellphone / pad / laptop. This makes the WIS-L713AC extremely applicable for WISP or hotspot location. 


Easy deployment with 802.3af PoE

The WIS-L700AC is able to be supplied power by a power injector using 48VDC 802.3af PoE technology which is compatible 

to all standard PoE switches and make it more flexible to deploy the device in roof top or tower.


New WisOS with NMS Support

The new fresh WisOS web interface makes the software much easier to operate and more detail info to monitor. 

WiD TDMA, spectrum analyzer and more WisOS feature helps the WISP build a better wireless network. The WiController NMS 

central management helps greatly reduce the cost of the device monitoring and maintaince.