2*2 MIMO with WiD TDMA Technology

The WiD TDMA technology allows the access point to get up to 100 wireless users while still maintain reliable connections, even in noisy RF environment.

2*2 MIMO along with Gigabit LAN port would help provide maximum 210Mbps+ throughput, thus ensuring enough network bandwidth to every wireless clients.   


Incredible Wireless Performance

In order to keep stable and robust wireless connection, the WIS-L5800N is integrated special power amplifier which can output 27dBm power both 

at high and low speed rate. Featuring two RP-SMA connectors and special designed mounting kits, WIS-L5800N can easily attached to Wisnetworks 

sector, omni, panel and dish antennas, extending the wireless coverage to more than 25km while using Wisnetworks CPE such as WIS-Q5300. 


Robust industrial design

With the tough industrial waterproof die-cast aluminum design, the WIS-L5800N can work in various outdoor conditions, in sunshine or rainfall, wind and snow. Besides 

that with the robust hardware integrated and grounding terminal outside the enclosure, you would no longer worry about the lightning and ESD damage to the device.  


All-in-one base station

Integrating 15dBi/17dBi dual-band sector antenna, WIS-L5800N is easy to provide long range outdoor coverage for all smart phone and laptops. 

 The lightning protection, high durable temperature range and IP67 aluminum housing make it far more robust working in outdoor environment.