Product Overview

WIS-R8000 is an ease of use, practical and powerful enterprise level hotspot gateway. Integrating with 

advanced multiple functions, it can help you build a professional ISP level network easily and quickly.  


Supports SFP+ with 10 Gbps

WIS-R8000 could perfectly realize 10Gbps speed with 2xSFP+ Ports. The throughput of WAN 

to LAN can get maximum of 9Gbps,which makes it ideal for fiber internet broadcast.  


Ultimate Concurrent Online Users

WIS-R8000 supports up to 1,300,000 sessions and 2000 online users as featuring powerful

 unlimited user account management system with multiple accounting options.


Powerful Local Hotspot Features

WIS-R8000 is hugely improved ISP level router full featured with social medium 

captive web portal(splash page) and PPPoE server as well as user authentication. 


Billing Server in Cloud

When billing server being settled in cloud, it greatly simplifies the cumbersome process of users database maintenance. Every 

WIS-R8000 can share users information in billing server and implement billing plan of online registration and payment by each user.


Load Balancing WAN

WIS-R8000 possesses 5 WAN ports with load balancing to merge and boost up internet speed when capable of connecting different SI&ISP.