Product Overview

WIS-SF600C is a 6 ports outdoor fast Ethernet switch. The innovative all-in-one design with 4 10/100M ports and 4 12VDC power ports 

makes outdoor installation extreme flexible for various devices such as IP camera. Featuring one 24VDC PoE port, the switch can easily 

power up Wisnetworks bridge and CPE and build PtP or PtMP long range wireless link, achieving video data wireless streaming backhaul.  


Ideal for outdoor IPC deployment

WIS-SF600C is equipped with 4*10/100M ethernet ports and 4*12VDC ports to support up to 4 IP 

cameras. The Plug-and-Play design makes it quite suitable for outdoor IPC deployment. 


Seamlessly Wireless Backhaul

WIS-SF600C is fully compatible with Wisnetworks CPE/Bridge. The 10/100M 24VDC 

POE Port can also seamlessly uplink video data to backhaul.


Versatile Power Options

WIS-SF600C supports power up by 48VDC/1.5A POE as well as 100~240VAC(50/60Hz). 

All these POE+ Uplink provides the flexible deployment for ISP.