2*2 MIMO with WiD TDMA Technology

The WiD TDMA technologyallows the access point to get up to 100 wireless users while still maintain reliable connections, even in noisy RF environment. 

 2*2 MIMO helps to provide maximum 210Mbps+ throughput with Gigabit LAN, thus ensuring enough network bandwidth while working as wireless backhaul.  


Ultra Distance with High Throughput 

In order to keep stable and robust wireless connection, the WIS-L5825D is integrated two ultra-strong power amplifier which can output 27dBm power both at high and 

low speed rate. Featuring high gain 25dBi dual-polarized panel antenna, a pair of WIS-L5825D can extend the wireless link to more than 50km. For short range such as 

3km, a pair of bridge can easily achieve 180Mbps+ wireless throughput, making it ideal for wireless backhaul and other high-bandwidth requirement applications.


Robust Industrial Design

With the tough industrial IP67 waterproof die-cast aluminum design, the WIS-L5825D can work in various outdoor conditions, in sunshine or rainfall, 

wind and snow. Besides that with the robust lightning protection hardware integrated and grounding terminal outside the enclosure, you would no longer 

worry about the ESD damage (up to 16kV) to the device. And we even made the 8kV lightning protection available on every L-series devices with discharge 

tubes, to make your radios and networks highly reliable and robust in outdoor environment.  



Flexible Passive PoE

It is able to be supplied power by a power injector using passive PoE technology which is more cost-effective and make 

it more flexible to deploy the device in outdoor environment. The PoE length is up to 200 feet.


Easy Mounting and Antenna Alignment

WIS-L5825D provides pole mounting method with mounting kits in package. With our professional mounting kits and installation guide you

 can easily mount it in different outdoor conditions, even for beginners. The RSSI signal also make the antenna alignment job much easier.

 It would be the easiest model for alignment among all Wisnetworks long range ptp system if range is more than 20km.