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Configure VLAN tag on 802.11ac Device

Set up several VLAN that each VLAN for the different department of a company and each VLAN has a SSID different from others.

Here are the steps.

1. First enter the management window. Click the NETWORK -> Interface -> LAN Interface->Add the VLAN


 2. Configure the lan2 as follows. We use VLAN11, VLAN12 and VLAN13 as example. 


3. The lan3 and lan4 are the same with lan2.  


4. When you finish above, you will see the window as follows. 

 5. Then click Wireless-> Wireless Server ->Add the Template


6. Configure the VLAN11 template as follows.



7. The same with VLAN 11. When you finish configure the VLAN12 and VLAN13, you will see as follows.



8. After that, we need to add the template. Click Wireless-> Radio -> Template ->Networks -> Save & Apply. Then you will see window as follows, that’s finish.



9. You can check out the configuration in States and LAN Interface.