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Configure VLAN tag with multiple ssid

Set up several VLAN that each VLAN for the different department of a company on the AP.


Here are the steps. 

1. First enter the management window. Click the NETWORK -> VLAN -> Add.

2. Put in the VLAN ID then click Add.

3. For example, create the new VLAN 11, VLAN12, VLAN 13.
    After that click the Edit of each new VLAN. Keep the VLAN 1 by default.

4. For example the VLAN 11. Edit eth0 as Tagged Port and Apply.
    Apply the same setting to VLAN 12, VLAN 13. Then click the VLAN interface.

5. Then edit each VLAN according to your network requirement. 
    To choose DHCP, Static or None that is depend on your network design.

6. Chick the Apply and Save. Wait a minute.

7. Then set each wireless tab as following.


8. The Wireless 2, Wireless 3 and Wireless 4 are the same.