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Connecting with UBNT devices

First before connecting, the Airmax should be turned off like below

Setup with UBNT as Access Point

1) In this case the Wisnetworks product works as station or station WDS. Make the UBNT device as Access Point and choose an encryption.

2) Login the Wisnetworks device

a) Go to Radio page, choose the Wireless Mode as "Station" or "Station WDS". Apply and save.
b) Go to Wireless page, press Scan. Wait for showing the signal ,then click the SSID or the MAC address. Then input the encryption key. Press apply and save.

3) Confirm at status page.

Setup with UBNT as Station

1) In this case Wisnetworks device should be set as Access Point mode. The WiD TMDA should be turned off first. You can find it in Radio-Advanced Setting

2) Go to Radio page, choose the device work as Access Point or Access Point WDS. Then go to Wireless page, setting like below

3) At the station side, set the UBNT device as Station or Station WDS, scan signal, choose the ssid just set, input encryption key. Done.