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Configure a Point-to-Multipoint (PtMP) Layer-2 Network

1.First, set your computer's wired network with static IP of 192.168.1.x (x should be any one of  100~254, such as This computer is used to setting the radios.
2.Using a web browser, enter as the "URL" to gain access to the radio's management console.

Enter "admin" as the administration account and "admin" as the password.

For Base Station setting WIS-L5818S

a) Go to Radio page,make sure the Wireless Mode as "Access Point". 

e) Go to Wireless page, choose Enable at Wireless Availability , and press Apply & Save after finishing the SSID and encryption settings.

For client radio WIS-Q5300&WIS-L5819D

a) Go to Network page, and click VLAN Interface, then click the edit button.

b) After pop-up the window, input the IP address according to your IP assignment(the below instruction is for example) , then click "Apply"

c) The software would re-direct you to the new IP page, use "admin" as username and password to login, and go to wireless page.

d) Go to Radio page, choose the Wireless Mode as "Station". Apply and save.

e) Go to Wireless page, press Scan. Wait for showing the signal ,then click the SSID or the MAC address. Press apply and save.

f) The Main page would show up the current connection condition. You can check for signal strength or throughput graphic.