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How to use Public Cloud

1.Cloud AP power on、access the internet and give the device MAC/SN to WIS Support

2.Download Cloud Director through

3.Config AC Server as
3.1:Ensure your PC and AP are in the same subnet , click "SCAN" ,and appear a AP choose Operation---Configure  

3.2:Login the configure page choose Server and input in Controller column , and click "Submit" ,

 all done then reboot AP

4.Register an account and add ap

4.1 Input in browser and click "register" enter register page   

4.2 Enter the username/password to enter the main page

4.3 Add Access Point

Add AP: Choose Access Point---Access Point---Add AP and input SN and MAC

5.Configure Wireless

Choose Wireless Config and configure Signal name and Security 

After the configuration is completed, you can find a wireless signal Signal Name. Here you can configure the relevant parameters.