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[Wisnetworks Newsletter]Latest Updates for WisOS 5G

Latest Updates for WisOS 5G
WisOS 5G is the exclusive operation system supporting Wisnetworks CPE,base station,bridge etc. Make sure you have download the latestWisOS 5G firmwareto enjoy a better configurative experience.

Gigabit PoE Switch

     We narrow down the frequency interval from 20MHz to 5MHz to best adapt todifferent base statio/CPE and other devices of other brands.


old version vs updated version


MTU Up to 1700

MTU limits in 1500 in the old version of WisOS 5G and now it has been increased to1700 which boost the speed of data transmission especially in surveillance industry 



DFS Functional maturation (Europe Exclusive)

DFS(Dynamic Frequency selection)has been preferably optimized for specified channel of Europe wireless standard. This maturation is only implemented for Europe district.