Paul Bangalore Hotel Wi-Fi Deployment


Dedicated to creating unique, signature products, The Paul Resorts and Hotels, with a heritage resort in Kerala and a business hotel in Bangalore, has striven over the past twelve years, to provide gracious hospitality with world class facilities. Set in opulent ambience without compromise on quality or exclusivity, each of the properties exemplify personal service.

In order to provide best experience of clients, the hotel has new plan improving the Internet / Wi-Fi service with higher speed and better wireless coverage.

- 3 block apartment building with 4 floors in each block

- Consisting of flats/ apartments

- 1/2/3 bed room with dining hall & kitchen 


The existing Wi-Fi was served by 4 outdoor AP installed on the compound wall of the hotel. The compound wall is very close to the hotel blocks hence the signal spread and penetration was an issue. Huge black spots in signal were found and by adding more outdoor AP the signal issues could not be addressed.

The hotel was considering and tested corridor based AP by mounting ceiling access point but the AP was not able to penetrate into the 2 bedroom and three bedroom flats. The single bedroom flats got partial coverage from an AP in the corridor installed right in front of the flat door.  

Ceiling mount in room issues

  • The number of AP are huge ( 68 no) standalone AP maintenance and monitoring was a concern

  • For installing the ceiling AP in rooms the client had to draw separate cables to each room AP from the floor switch rack

  • Cabling work means down time and they had to block rooms to plan cabling and break POP ceilings and re-paint


Two of WIS-WM2300 installed on to existing data Port near the study table in each bedroom. The signal from the bedroom 1 was covering the hall area and signal from the bedroom 2 was covering the dining area. The WIS-WM2300 is using low power thus only a slight overlapping of signal to adjacent flat was found, which would not cause interference to other nearby clients.

The hotel was able to monitor users connecting to WIS-WM2300 installed in the 2 bedroom flat. The NMS can update firmware and generate reports. By using templates the admin could do the installation and upload profiles.

Engineers & Total Product Used

Alcon- S K Rao Regional Manager 

Agileintelli- Technical team - 3 Engineers

WIS-WM2300 * 65

WIS-CM2300 * 5 

Deployment & Result

The Challenges at Paul Hotel Running Hotel in operation and the existing Wi-fi is served by some Out door AP were the singnal strength reaching the room guest was very weak and had lot of Black Spots and the performance was inconsitant due to Interferance between multi brtand indoor and out door AP's. Deploying AP in cooridor is not feesable as driving separate cables means down time and rooms to be blocked. how ever the existing network was revamped by trying to add some AP in side rooms but as there was no controler to mange them maintanence means disturbing room guests to attend to AP which were down, even for a firmware upgrade the IT department had to disturb guests.  Agileintelli has done a thorough site survey and taking all aspects both technical and comercial into count had proposed WIS-WM2300 with WiController ( a free NMS). 

Network Diagram

IT Manager Comments

Wisnetworks solution offered  all the features we needed. The best part of the solution Is the wicontroller which was deployed at free of cost.  now our guest complaints have come down to 10% (90% of complaints due to signal and throughput issues on our old network were solved) and the wicontroller helps us in addressing any client complaints as it gives us visibility to the health of the network and the client usage and performance.

We are able to respond proactively to issues and performance of the Wi-Fi internet there by enabling us to give good service to our guests. now we get positive feed back on our Wi-Fi from our guests and our management is happy with the service and support extended by Wisnetworks and there partner Agileintelli and Alcon.

We have now increased our Internet leased line bandwidth based on usage reports and are planning to offer different bill plans basic free of cost and high bandwidth at a cost. Stable and good network has given confidence to roll out paid internet plans and the management is Happy to see the Wi-Fi infra as a revenue generating service instead of being and expense.

Future Plan of Hotel

Mr. Saleem Pasha says we now want to replace the Access points on one more floor and will replace the wi-fi equipment in our Kumarakom Lake Resort located at Kerala.

We will deploy WIS solution at out upcoming project in Coorg as we find the solution can offer the best rang of products for both outdoor and indoor needs. 

*Distributor / SI

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