The case in Thailand is aimed to provide Wi-Fi for International program student accommodation of Kasem Bundit University ( Rom klao Campus ). The students of this program are from all parts of the world and would cost several years stay in Thailand for their study. They need to use Internet for studying, entertainment, contacting family with instant messenger or video calling. The Wi-Fi network should cover a large scale area of dormitory with high speed Internet and roaming feature, thus the students can stay connected to Internet everywhere in the dormitory area.


There are around 1,800 concurrent users of this Wi-Fi network. And the Wi-Fi coverage area is for 5 buildings (each building has 8 floors) and need to support student to use it anywhere in the building. There is another challenge that not enough place on the ceiling can deploy with Ethernet cable, thus the total access points number should not be more than 80. In this way, each access point must be strong enough to handle more than 30 users and able to coverage more than half of the floor by penetrating multiple walls and doors.
At 2013, Kasem Bundit University use E-brand device to provide Wi-Fi in the university but have lots of problem about connectivity quality such as wireless hang or halt frequently, unstable, and unable to connect, etc. The International students then cannot use Internet to contact to hometown or study. So that is the reason to discuss to change to another Wi-Fi products and improve the user experience. 

Network Plot / Topology 


Total AP Used: 140+ WIS-CM2300

The WIS-CM2300 is high power up to 500mw. So it is easy to break through the obstacles and provide good signal to all clients. While using the high performance 600MHz chipset and 64MB DDR, it is possible to handle more than 50 users online with sooth experience of Internet. After all APs changing to Wisnetworks, the coverage area is extended and can support more concurrent users than the previous brand. The total wireless system hang / halt problem is also eliminated.
The new Wi-Fi network is very impressive to all the students and don’t have any problem anymore connecting to Internet. And the SI / installer have been impressed too; they just don’t need go back for checking the network issue again and again. With WiController as the NMS, all AP status is able to be checked immediately in a screen and easy to get the network traffic and online user information, or massive configuration for all AP.

“Wisnetworks is very good access point and now there is no student complain about Wi-Fi. The system is also very easy to maintenance. So if would like to do the next project we must use Wisnetworks again.”

-IT Manager of Kasem Bundit University 

Future Plan

IT Networks department of Kasem Bundit plan to use PoE Switch model WIS-SF2624P. It would be much easier for powering up all the access point and data exchange. No need of PoE adapter for each AP.