Wireless Umbrella Project in Qazanqaya Village

Project Overview

The umbrella project is for creating a wireless umbrella over the village of Qazanqaya to provide wireless Internet service as well as the surrounding villages (Aq Qala, M. poet, Goosheh Hill). The first stage of the project is building the network backhaul for high speed Internet and other network use, while providing wireless coverage for smart terminals like smartphone, laptops.

Project is located in rural Maraveh Tappeh city, Golestan province of Iran Statistical Center of Iran. Qazanqaya is one of the villages of  Maraveh Tappeh, located in northern Iran near the border with Turkmenistan. The population of the village is 1650.

Network Plot and Requirement 

The target of the network is providing wireless backhaul speed more than 10Mbps to all sites which are up to 2km around the main base station tower. While also provide mobile phone Internet connectivity in 500 meters range. The terrain is mountain ups and downs, which increasing the difficulty for wireless transmission. Thus customer put the base station on a high tower in the center and other sites on the roof top of residents’ buildings.

Location 360deg View

Tower Overview

Project Result

Radio link RSSI

Customer Feedback

“Customer sent us 3 confirmation and appreciation letters. The coverage is very stable with high speed.

- Abbas Chehrazi, Vice President of Easy Communication

Now customer is planning to build a WISP network providing Internet for more than 3,000 people all villages around. The next phase includes expansion to another 30 villages, which will exclusively use

Wisnetworks WIS-L series base stations. They are testing the 5GHz radio WIS-L5819S for deployment in 2015 and planning to use WiController to manage all the base stations and CPEs. Future product evaluations will include the WIS-SG924P and WIS-SF2624P.