Turkey WISP ÖZTEK Wireless Internet Service


ÖZTEK HABERLESME LTD.STI is an ISP in center Düzce, Turkey. The company's main business is including Infrastructure, Internet Service, SMS forwarding, Kiosk Systems,etc. It is also one of the leading and innovative organizationin in Düzce,Turkey. ÖZTEK has been operating for 8 years in the IT industry in Turkey and served more than 20,000 customers.The company started to provide Internet service to customer since 2012, and now they have over 3,000 subscribers with more than 3 district of Düzce.


The new project using Wisnetworks radio as base station and CPE for Internet service to more than 500 subscribers. They are now providing Internet plan with up to 8Mbps Internet speed for both limited and unlimited data. The backhaul is using 40Mbps fiber. There are 16 4-floor buildings around 1km range , each building has more than 30 Internet users.

The challenge of this new project is the high throughput and durability required for the base station and CPE. The base station need to support high throughput all the time, while still provide smooth Internet speed and latency. The single CPE is working for more than 30 Ethernet users, as the data transmiter and receiver for the whole building Internet .

Radio Deployment

All the subscribers are enjoying their 4Mbps and 8Mbps Internet using Wisnetworks radio with radius manager. The PPPoE dial-up is smooth and contiguously working with no disconnection.
The administrator using Wimanager and WiController to monitor the radio status. All the radio has enabled the WiD TDMA to ensure the scalability and reduction of noise. The spectrum analyzer helps the administrator choosing a better channel for each base station.

Total radio used

Wimanager Status

Customer Feedback

The customer aimed to provide high quality and cheap internet for everyone to enjoy happy life. Thus they'll keep on using high quality radios to provide stable and smooth services. They'll use WIS-L series base station to expand network coverage to nearby district. They 'll also try the Wisnetworks 11ac product in the future.

"Your radio is cost effective, 
good looking with high quality. Just like our Internet service."

Technical Director, Ozgur