Wi-Fi Deployment For Mid-Scale Hotel In Mecca

Reefaf Alhayat is a mid-scale hotel in Mecca,Saudi Arabia,It possesses more than 180 rooms,subordinate to Reefaf Group. It strives to provide the best service to guest during all these years and gains a respectable reputation in local business circle.Our distributor(Experts ideas Est) took charge of the hotel project and aims to fulfil the whole hotel wireless coverage to satisfy every guest to the hotel.

Perfect network arrangement

According to the Reefaf Alhayat hotel construction, we figure out a whole cloud solution to suit the requirement.


Device list: WCAC * 1  、WCAP-AC * 120  、WCAP-W * 120  、WIS-R8000 * 1  、WIS-L5819S * 4

WIS-R8000 & Load-balancing

WIS-R8000 is able to carry multi-users concurrently. Using load balancing function, it can utilize all the bandwidth of multiple WAN ports and eliminate the risk of network paralysis if one line failures.



The WCAC dashboard indicating more than 200 APs and users are online in this hotel network.

Let WisCloud controller (WCAC) plays the role

● WCAC enables centralized management of all access points with an intuitive platform. There is no special training for the hotel staff to monitor and maintain the network status as well as guests'Wi-Fi experience. 

● We also adjust some strategies to suit the guest internet habits in roaming.

● Administrator can control the speed for each access point to optimize the bandwidth usage. 

● WCAC uses Layer 2 isolation technology to protect the guests internet access with absolute security.

See PDF for more details

Wi-Fi Deployment For Mid-Scale Hotel In Mecca.pdf