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Configure a Layer-2 Point-to-Point Link by 11AC device

Here is the steps about how to configure a PtP link by 11AC.

The network topology is like this.


Step 1, Configure the as an AP. Login in and set the LAN IP.


Step 2, Configure the radio of AP, as follows.


Step 3, Enable the WDS in the Wireless Service page.



Step 4, When the AP finished, you can see Status page to confirm.


Step 5, Set the STA side. Login in and first to set the LAN IP as the same.



Step 6, Set the Radio as follows.


Step 7, The STA side is finished. Scan and lock to the SSID of the AP on the other side. Wait about 1 minute and see the Status page to confirm.

The configuration is finished. You can check the link by ping the device on the other side.

And the 11AC PtP link throughput can get 500+Mbps at 1km. About 300+Mbps at 10km.

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